Spark 2 on debian 10 (buster)


Hello everyone, I installed on rp 3b plus, debian 10 (buster) I followed to the letter the tutorial brewpi but arrived at the command to install docker comes out the problem. Docker is not installed and therefore I can not proceed with the creation of portainer. Also for a few days I have the led on the spark that flashes green (internet search) I tried to connect with particle to set the wifi led flashing blue, the smatphone finds the photon but does not connect. The screen always remains on connection in progress, I waited over 10 minutes but nothing happened and I had to restart the smarthone. Someone can help me thank you.


Docker still has not fixed their install script for buster.

Can you try the suggestions in this thread?

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No I didn’t try, i’ll try this afternoon. And what do you recommend for the photon?
Thank you


Use the brewblox-ctl wifi command once installed.

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Hi, now I have a little dilemma. But will brewblox replace brewpi?
If I install brewblox now can I go back to brewpi?
Thank you very much.


BrewBlox is a full replacement for BrewPi, but the Wifi command uses a tool from Particle, and can also be used for BrewPi.

You can run it with

docker run -it --rm --privileged brewblox/firmware-flasher:edge wifi

Beyond that, you may want to consider upgrading to BrewBlox anyway: it’s a big improvement over BrewPi.