Brewblox fermentation settings

Hello Bob
Why remain sensor names that are changed in the panel?


Data will stay in graph settings for 24h, and then it will disappear automatically.

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Does this mean that you cannot delete data on the graph and start a new brew or test Why 24h?

You cannot delete data. You can still start a new brew: the data is indexed by time, so all points after “brew start” belong to the new brew.

24h is due to how the database is set up. The database doesn’t know whether a block exists: it gets anonymous data. to avoid config disappearing immediately when you disable the block, all fields with data pushed in the last 24h are shown.

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I other words: we log everything, all the time.
To change what is shown on each graph, change the start/end time and which fields are selected.
You don’t have to start/stop a brew.

The session widget helps with keeping track of when each brew started and stopped and which fields were part of the data.

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