BrewBlox release notes [ latest release: 2019-06-04 ]


We’ll be using this topic to post release notes for new releases. Please use the various troubleshooting threads if you encounter problems during or after updating.

Relevant links:

Edge release 2019/06/04

Firmware release date: 2019/06/06

Hotfix (2019/06/06) Fixed an issue where firmware would report incorrect time.

We (hopefully) fixed the reboot issues people were experiencing, and added the Step View widget.


  • Added Firmware Release Date to the Spark Widget. This should make it easier to check whether you need to flash the controller.
  • Added the Step View widget.
    • This allows applying predetermined changes to multiple Blocks at the same time.
    • You can choose to change a subset of Block fields - values will be merged.
  • Only reinitialize OneWire sensors when they are actually found, but have lost power since last read.
    • Previously a re-init was tried at every read error. This is a slow operation, which really slowed down the system when configured sensors were disconnected.
  • When using 100Hz PWM, unregister interrupt handler before PWM block destruction (fixed hard fault SOS).
  • Handle WiFi status and IP address display in system event handler.
    • A major bug in particle device-os could cause a hard fault SOS when WiFi was connecting in the system thread while the application thread was trying to read the IP address.

Added a documentation page for connection / discovery arguments:

This hopefully explains how to combine the various arguments that modify how the service discovers and connects to controllers.


Liking the update the graph functions are great, works perfectly, for me anyway.

One question, you knew it was coming, is there a way of making just the graph widget full screen?



Not right now. We’ll probably implement it soon-ish, but it wasn’t deemed critical.


Do you mean a button to open the chart of a graph widget in a full screen popup, similar to the chart button on the other widgets? I agree that we should add it.

If you mean having a full page chart at all times, you can get pretty close by resizing the chart widget to take up the entire dashboard and closing the left menu panel.


Yes that’s the one. I do run it as big as it will go but it’s just not as “clean”




The display setting widget reverts back to Celsius immediately after setting Fahrenheit as the temperature


Did you flash the firmware during the update?

If out of date firmware isn’t the issue, please retry changing to fahrenheit, and then run brewblox-ctl log

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Skipped over the flash part. Working fine now.



Adding to your long list of things … On the graph, would it be possible to add a programable preset function so you could switch views without going into the settings function? For example you could program in current 24hrs as a view and also current week as a view etc. and switch between them with a “button”


Would this specifically be for the displayed time period, or also for the other settings?


My BrewPi is currently solely used to control fermentation, for me at this point it would be just for the view of the graph. I know it is possible to do these things now but with programmable buttons on the graph widget it would be very user friendly.


Perhaps we can just add some small buttons next to the dropdown: 1h, 6h, 1d, 7d, 14d.
Open question is whether this should change the setting or be a temporary view change.


@Trig both issues (full-screen display of graph widget, and display time presets) are resolved, and will be present in the next release.


That’s great news Bob, thanks!


Added new release notes.

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Awesome, looking forward to the brewery drag’n drop, and hopefully soon valve control so i can set it all up :slight_smile:


New graph function is great!
Just a slight issue, despite the system working as it should I now have these error messages on some blocks

Screen Shot 2019-03-20 at 12.39.46 PM
When enable is selected it just jumps back with the blue message again. The constraints on the fridge offset after the update appeared as -20 and 20. I have changed them back to 10 respectively. Have I missed something?


In addition to my last, I find I can’t now change the beer set point, the numbers won’t open up when selected and the fridge offset constraints have changed back to -20 and 20. Tried a reboot and re run the update without success.