Brewpi froze my beer!

Thanks for confirming this was on 0.4.3. This bug is fixed in 0.4.4.
Your settings are saved and restored during the update process.

You are welcome. Thanks it is updated and all my settings were saved. I am having another issue also that i hope you can help me with. Possibly it is on another thread but I can’t find it.

Basically, when I try to run a beer profile nothing happens and I get a socket error (32): broken pipe

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Also, tried this on both Safari and Firefox and I am adding a picture of my set-up as I have read that this might matter.

It might be a too simple suggestion, but can you try restarting the pi with ‘sudo reboot’?

Ok. Just tried sudo reboot and did not fix the problem. Also, bought a new microUSB adapter to connect rPi and BrewPi. Still getting the socket error, tho.

Can you try this:

sudo python /home/brewpi/ --kill
sudo rm /home/brewpi/BEERSOCKET

The wait for the script to restart.

Dang. Still did not fix the problem. Here is a picture of the socket error read out and the contents of
sudo ls /home/brewpi/

The profile being ’ ’ made me think of another possible issue. Maybe your settings files got corrupted or something.

Can you run this:

cd /home/brewpi
git diff
git reset
rm ./settings/config.cfg

cd /var/www/html
git diff
git reset
rm ./config_user.php

If the output of git diff is not empty, let me know what it said.

If this doesn’t help, please run the install script again for a clean install.

Ok. I did this but now I have a “cannot receive script” problem…Here are the outputs for both git diff commands.

So, I can’t tell if this fixed the problem because I have a “cannot receive script” error. Any ideas?

can we talk on Skype? this seems to be inefficient. I’d like to connect remotely and help you fix it. I’ll send you my skype name in PM.