BrewPi Spark 3 use for mash

Hi all,

currently I have a brewery building stage. Heating should be by printed 2200W heating bodies (4pc). The boiler volume will be about 40l. I would like to ask whether the BrewPi Spark 3 can be used to control the heating of the boiler and if so, how should I set it up correctly? Thank you very much for your advice and help.


Did you ever get an answer to your questions?

I’m using the BrewPi for Mash. In general, put a temp probe as close to wherever mash liquid moves away from the heater and set that temp probe as “fridge temp”. Run the brewpi in “fridge constant” mode.

See also: Mash control with gas burners

I re-read this and realized you asked about boil control (not mash). I have read elsewhere on this forum that using BrewPi for boil control is fine, you just have to find your correct setting. Run a few tests to see what “set” temp gives you the boil vigor you want.