Edge release 2019/07/10

After discussing this with Bob for about the entire afternoon, we found a fix that is simple enough and seems to work well.

We’ll release this as a hotfix tonight.

Since I have to specify in a file that I have 2 spark v2 with the addresses, why this late in the game do I still need to disconnect 1 to then update the second one? Why aren’t you reading said file and then running the firmware update on all specified addresses?

NOTE: Using RPi v3 with 2 Spark v2 connected via USB cable


Sorry guys but I seem to have a issue after this hotfix.

I have lost the controller block list it is just blank

One setup has lost the PID displays and when they are selected the screen just dims.

The other when a PID graphic is selected it opens the PID but it cannot be edited with the screen going dim.

The third seems to be working as before on fridge constant.

I did capture an error message the first time I selected a PID graphic on Fridge 2, doesn’t display it any more the screen dims and hangs.

I have rebooted both the RPi and the brewpi and rerun the update.

To spare you the detailed technical explanation: streamlined firmware updates are in development right now.

Behavior will be to update firmware of the currently connected Spark(s) while everything is running. We haven’t turned it on yet in the UI because we have some issues with updates over USB (it already works nicely over Wifi).

I think this may be an issue with old deprecated objects. Could you please export your blocks? (spark service page, actions). If it is what I think that error message is saying, you may be able to resolve it manually before we release a fix tomorrow.

brewblox-errors.json (29 Bytes)

The blocks please, not the errors =) top right corner spark page, under “actions”.

Sorry, there s no actions on the spark page it is all blank.

Could you please go to PI_ADDRESS/spark-one/api/doc, and under “Objects” run the command to get all objects?

You are leading the blind here Bob, is that what you are after?

Yes. That’s it.

Could you please copy the response body into a file?

Object request.txt (19.7 KB)

Thanks for the upload! It seems pretty clear where the problem comes from, but this will require some software changes. For now I’ll just roll back the hotfix.

Edit: it should be done in a few minutes. https://dev.azure.com/brewblox/brewblox/_build/results?buildId=1090

Thanks Bob, do I re-run the update?

Ok all back to “normal”

This update is awesome. I’m not sure if I have time to migrate my existing dashboard over to the new arrangement, but I’ve been checking out all the new features through a dashboard created for my second chamber and there are so many new features that I had been hoping for.

Two questions:

First, can I have multiple dashboards and/or process views referring to the same widgets?

I’d like to have a master dashboard that shows the current state of both of my chambers (as well as the cold chamber that cold air comes from), then daughter dashboards for each of the chambers where I can have more detailed information for each process. My question is whether multiple dashboards (and process views) can link to the same widgets established for each process. I just want to make sure I’m not accidentally creating new conflicting widgets on the master page rather than linking to existing ones. Hopefully this description makes sense…

Second, will I need to worry about re-tuning my existing PIDs (which, to be fair, weren’t perfectly tuned in the first place) after this update? I know a number of changes were made to filtering and how Kp, Ti and Td are related to each other.

Thanks a ton for all this work. The active software development and rapid support alone make the price of the Spark 3 (and the wait for BrewBlox) completely worth it. The only downside is that all the work you two have done is now raising my expectations for a lot of the other software I use and I suspect I am setting myself up for disappointment!

Happy to hear you like the new features!

To answer your first question: you can have multiple widgets and process view parts linking to the same block on the controller. They behave like shortcuts: you can view and edit the block through them, but if you remove or copy the widget, you don’t change the block.
You can copy widgets through their action button (under Widget Actions).

The changes to filters are implemented in a way that leaves most people with sensible settings after the update. Depending on your setup, you may want to tune them further, but they shouldn’t be a cause for worry.

Thanks. I can already mock up a pretty decent overview dashboard:

The left and right chamber are a little inconsistent because the left is in active use and uses my own configuration while I’m using the right to try out the new default arrangement.

A couple questions/comments:

  1. What is displayed for the PID block? It looks like output (but for the beer PID duty % doesn’t make much sense).
  2. What is display for the PWM block? Is it target duty or achieved duty?
  3. In the future will which value is displayed be configurable in the “edit settings” dialogue?
  4. This is new variation of an old gripe of mine regarding how the mutex state is displayed, but why does the heating pin show a loading animation over the “on” side (as if it is waiting) when the target duty cycle for it is 0% and it will not turn on even once the mutex is released?

Thanks again for all the work on BrewBlox, it is starting to feel really polished and flexible!

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