Firmware 0.2.10 is out (bugfix release)

Nice, now it doesn’t reset to Celsius every time I reset the Spark/Pi.

Has anyone had this issue? Running the updater works fine apart from when trying to update the Spark firmware it tries to open port /dev/ttyUSB0 yet my spark when plugged in shows up as /dev/ttyAMA0. I’m running with the Raspberry Pi B+ with Raspbian.

correction… it shows up as ttyACM0 not ttyAMA0

I did a fresh install of brewpi instead of just running the updater now everything seems to work fine.

ttyACM0 / ttyACM1 are the defaults. If it was looking for ttyUSB0, you added that as port to config.cfg.

@Elco seems that my problem was a dodgy arduino it installed perfectly fine with a new one i just picked up.

I did have trouble installing 0.2.8 but 0.2.10 installed just fine for me over the web server.

I had a few issues with 0.2.7 not restarting the script and beer profile after power cycling the BrewPi, is this expected?

I’m switched over to 0.2.10 now - Last night was the next step in my beer profile which would crash the temperature down to serving temperature to clear the beer before kegging and after a few hours the frig would not turn on (cool). I left it all day and then tonight I could see the beer had warmed up a bit due to the ambient temperature. I switched to test mode for trouble shooting and all seemed to work so we will see what happens tonight after switching back to profile mode.
From the log it appears the SSR did not receive the voltage to turn on even though the frig & beer setting was much lower then the beer temperature? When I went to check on it, It was not running even though the BrewPi spark screen showed a lower temperature setting. Only after going into Test Mode did the frig turn on.
This screen shot is after switching to test and then back to profile mode.

It was in state cooling and that pretty much also means that it sets the output pin as active. Why this did not turn on the fridge, I really have no idea. Could it be hardware related?

That was my first thought when I changed to test mode for trouble shooting but everything seemed to work as expected in test. I’ll try getting some voltage readings first before anything if I see it happen again. Also once this batch is done I plan on adding a fan to the chamber and I’ll go over the all of the connections to make they are solid.

So far so good today and the brew is back on schedule!

@elco trying to get to the bottom of my dodgy Ardunio, it turns out it’s a Chinese knock off (it wasn’t showing up in OS X) so i used this to get the ma to recognise and it does work -

I’ve found a log on the old forum that refers to links back to my original issue in that seemingly my Ardunio isn’t listed as ‘/dev/ttyACM0’ or ‘/dev/ttyACM1’ but running

ls /dev/ttyA*



your pervious way to solve this refers to editing two lines in /home/brewpi/config.cfg :

port = ** your serial port, for example /dev/ttyUSB0 **
altport = ** your second option, for example /dev/ttyUSB1 **

in my case i assume this would be /dev/ttyAMA0 and AMA1?

but i can’t seems to find the config.cfg file to edit those lines is there an alternative in the new build?


AMA0 is the pi’s internal serial port, not your Arduino. If you disconnect the Arduino AMA0 will still be listed.

realised there there was a thread already dealing with the problem Can’t upload hex code to my ardunio

Updated from 0.2.8 to 0.2.10 without an issue. Everything went right back to normal, temp probes, relays, everything. Great job guys!
thanks for all you do!

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So far so good, haven’t had any more problems on 0.2.10. I’ve 3 beers so far and not sure what the issue was before but seems to be working just fine now!

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