How to create file to flash to core

I just helped another customer with similar issues.
He had uploaded 0.2.7 via DFU, but it seemed like the EEPROM was not initialized correctly.
His sympoms were:

  • Beer and fridge sensor reading, but not under installed devices
  • Temperature difference between values in web UI and on device

We fixed it by programming the Spark again from the web interface. The program script also does an EEPROM reset (resets all settings and devices) and I think this was what fixed the issue.

You can do an EEPROM reset by sending ‘E’ over the serial port.
We don’t have a button for it in the web interface yet.

You can do it form the command line with this command:

echo -ne 'E\n' > /dev/ttyACM0

After the update it’s closer. One sensor is still off from .1 - .2 F.Second one is the same as the touchscreen. It now shows that they are installed though. Just to make clear, I do the EEPROM reset from the Raspberry Pi command line, right? It did not state any message after doing it.

Yes run it from the Pi.

The log file should say EEPROM reset, if the brewpi script was running. And you should have lost your settings.

The .1 or .2 difference could be due to being filtered/unfiltered. It should not be a permanent difference just less/slower fluctuations in the web UI.

Okay. Temp did eventually “catch up” to the display and is now holding steady with it. As you say, it is probably the filtering that is causing the difference from time to time. Thanks.