Integrating BrewBlox with Home Assistant?

He shoots, he scores! That worked perfectly Bob and HA has discovered the sensors plus is monitoring them. I’ll leave it running for a bit and take a look at the data. I’ve set up a watchdog in HA to look at the fridge temperature and notify me if it gets below 19 degrees - marvelous :slight_smile:

Best proof of concept I’ve ever seen Bob. Really well done

And a very quick screenshot…

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Good to hear this works! HA looks to be a good candidate for further integration, but it will be some months before that reaches the top of the backlog.

Source code can be found here. If anyone wants to build their own custom version or submit a PR, do feel free to drop a message.

I’m impressed! This just works!

I cant wait to see what else that will be available through this integration over time :slight_smile:

A guick screenshot:

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What does the sensor config look like in HA?

If you are already using MQTT in HA for discovery/control of ‘stuff’, then there isn’t anything to do. The proof of concept sensors in BrewBlox just appear by automagic. If you are not currently running an MQTT broker, then I’m using the standard add-on shown in the screen shots above. For the config of MQTT broker, I did turn anonymous access off, but other than that, nothing else needed. You’d then need to add the standard MQTT integration in HA from Configuration/Integration.

Well, I posted that I thought that because I was using Home Assistant core in docker that I couldn’t use the broker. But I realized that when I used the base integration I did not enable discovery. I recon figured the add on with discovery, and magically I am good now.

Automagic it is then :slight_smile:

@Bob_Steers Being a lazy middle aged American, I have all my sensors set to Fahrenheit becuase I can’t think in Celsius consistently. Is there any way you can tweak the value template to limit the amount of decimal? Image of what this looks like in F and an article on the parameter for the value template.

Done, and building now.

Thank you. Looks great.


so happy to have found this! any way to get this working with sensor data from a Tilt as well? I’m not currently running a TiltPi but considering setting it up on an extra Pi if there isn’t currently a way to do it straight from BrewBlox

Right now the brewblox-hass service doesn’t support Tilt values.

The Tilt service and hass both use MQTT events, so connecting them is doable, and there are multiple viable approaches.

We’re already planning some closely related features. I’ll look into how to easily tack on support for either sending Tilt data, or sending generic history data (includes Tilt, but also everything else you can see in a graph).

That would be fantastic. I spent some time digging into it last night and didn’t get very far (I’m new to MQTT) but may have stumbled on a workaround in the meantime. TiltPi > BrewFather > NodeRed > Home Assistant, but very interested in seeing support for this directly in BrewBlox.

Node-RED also can listen to MQTT events from Brewblox, so if you’ve got that running anyway, it’d make for a viable bridge.

I submitted some prerequisite changes to the Tilt service earlier today. After those are reviewed and merged, forwarding data to home assistant should be pretty simple.

@bpascucci @david.medland-slater do you have a Tilt, and would you want it automatically forwarded? The alternative would be to use a command flag to enable tilt forwarding.

I have the sensors visible from Brewblox in Home Assistant and would like to add my Tilt to this. How do I use a command flag to make this happen?

This is not yet possible: we’re currently discussing how this would be implemented.

I would be interested in how you connected the brewblox to home assistant. I did not see an integration or addin for Brewblox. Are you using MQTT for this service? If so could you please provide more details? Thanks!

We make use of MQTT discovery in home assistant. Spark services publish block state every 5s. The brewblox-hass service listens for Spark events, and publishes home assistant-compatible events.

For this to work, MQTT must be enabled in home assistant, and the brewblox-hass service must be able to reach the MQTT broker used by home assistant.

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Thank you for your response and assistance but I am very new to MQTT and Home Assistant so I am still not quite all the way yet. From what I understand in MQTT. I have to have the brewblox-hass advertise/subscribe to the broker in Home Assistant to publish its data? Am I on the mark or still confused. Not sure how to get Brewblox-hass do that or setup up discovery on HA?

Yes, you are.

MQTT discovery is enabled by default in home assistant.

You provide brewblox-hass the address/port/credentials of the home assistant MQTT broker, and the values will automagically appear in home assistant.