Issues with controller locking up and getting stuck in heating/cooling mode

During my last brew, my controller stopped reporting values and got stuck in heating mode an hour after I went out of town over the weekend which ramped my IPA up to 90F+

I got home today, and something similar happened (this is my first brew since the one above). Fortunately, this time it froze in cooling mode and I caught it before it got too low:

Both times a hard reset of the brewpi (just unplugged the usb form the pi) brought it back.

I definitely am interested in preventing this from happening again. Do I need to reinstall or is it something else?

Which version are you running? Do you have your heater/cooler on the digital pins or via a OneWire SSR board?

I am running 0.4.3. Heater and cooler SSRs are connected to the digital pins via speaker wire.

Did the entire controller lock up? It seems so as data logging is also stalled.

We are going to introduce a watchdog to do an automatic reboot in case the controller hangs for some reason.

Yeah, the interface froze and when I went to power cycle the unit neither sensor was reading (controller displayed “–” in place of the sensor values). Although in the first case it looks like the controller linear filled the data when it came back on. The 2nd time it happened that interval was just left blank.

@Elco This happened again today during a cold crash of an IPA. This has now happened once on 3 of my 4 past brews. A temp controller that constantly locks up is concerning. Is there an issue with my unit?