Multiple chambers progress?


Hey Elco and Team,

If I read that correct, I can now have two beer temp sensors and keep my room temp sensor?

Thanks gain for the Great project!!


I am going to see if I can easily get support for 2 beer sensors in the release.

I’ll look into the option to let the fridge cooler PID take the minimum or average of the 2 beers sensors as input when 2 beers are configured.

Software progress

Good news. My new conicals want to be controlled :wink:


Not sure if it’s in the use cases or not but I have a separate double glass door (True) fridge that I like to keep at 45F for beer storage. At the moment I have an adruino controller controlling it but I would like to eventually have the spark control everything. So based on what it sounds like I would have the following set of PID’s

Fermentation Chamber
Heating PID
Cooling PID
Fridge Set Point PID

Beer Storage Fridge
Cooling PID
Fridge Set Point PID


Hey Elco,

Finely got a few spare minutes to pull an update down, and spend some time reading into the new releases.

Were you able to get multiple beet temp sensors into the release?

Thanks for all your work!!


Any Update on the 2nd beer sensor?

Fermentation system and web server are all running great on the old Arduino platform. Would love to add one more sensor and finalize the system.

Thanks Again!


There will never be a second beer sensor on Arduino. At least not coded by me.
The Arduino platform is not compatible with the newer software that runs on the Photon, due to the constraints of the hardware.


I’m wondering what the progress is on this. The ionly thing holding me back from moving to control via Brew pi is that I need it to be able to control multiple chambers. I had thought from the “introducing the spark”, and the sale of expansion boards that this was a capablity, but from further reading it seems not. The promise of daisychaining things infinitely was seductive, but appears unrealised to date.

Am I correct that it won’t currently allow more than one fermenter to be controlled? And if so, is there a sense of when that might change?


Any chance we will see this within 2016? I guess I need to buy another BrewPi…


Chiming in on my desire for this as well. I have all of the sensors and relays needed, so it’s just software support to get me there. Thank you.


I see the code for spark (phanton) 4.3 released in Apr 2016 states “This was needed to start changing how we persist, read and write objects in the future, so you can control multiple processes, instead of just one beer.” I get this is done by volunteers and such. Wondering how close (Beta or full release) to completing this? This is the last piece Im looking for from this project (1 Spark v2 to control 2 Fermenters (FTSs Pump and heating pad)). This will complete my basement brewery project!


Since there has been no feedback in a while I just hooked up my third brewpi :wink:


Any news on Multi Chamber support?


Ya, I just got my second one hooked up and setup a separate webpage with iFrames to see both “LCD” outputs in one page.


Can you publish that page?


Have ordered a Brewpi, sensors, PSU and some SSR`s and will be using it for my to fermenting Chambers.

Will this not work as today?

Jan-Erik, Norway


This is how I have my setup working - Still working on putting into an enclosure to get rid of the clutter.


I’d have to do some digging as the system is currently turned off and I did the programming of it through Putty directly on the Pi. In the meantime, you can look at W3 Schools for how to use iFrames here


Create a new folder and file in the webserver on the Pi, outside of the dir BrewPi is runing: index.html

> <html>
> <head>
> <link rel="stylesheet" href="my.css">
> </head>
> <body>
> Testing iFrames to show more than 1 conical in a single page<br><br>
> <div id="my-div">
>  <iframe src="http://your_pi_IP/Webdir_If_Not_Default" scrolling="no"></iframe>
> </div>
> <div id="my-div">
>  <iframe src="http://your_pi_IP/Webdir_If_Not_Default" id="my-iframe" scrolling="no"></iframe>
> </div>
> </body>
> </html>

in the same folder as the above index.html file, create a file called my.css and put

> #my-div
> {
>     width    : 400px;
>     height   : 200px;
>     overflow : hidden;
>     position : relative;
> }

> #my-iframe
> {
>     top      : 0px;
>     left     : 0px;
>     width    : 300px;
>     height   : 125px;
> }

navigate to the page http://BrewPi_IP/Dir_You_Created/index.html
This is the down and dirty way to get it going, to see more than 1 BrewPi LCD output display in on a page


Hey @Elco any word on target date for an official release of multiple chamber support? ;-D