Multiple chambers progress?


Hi Elco,

I bought a Spark 3 and accessories last summer and am just getting around to setting it up now (after a move). All is going well with getting my hardware to work with a basic one chamber setup but I have two fermentation chambers that I’ll need to use sooner rather than later and I’m wondering how I should proceed.

Is a two-chamber hack for the spark 3 coming in the near future (next couple months)? If not, what are the trouble points? Hacking the firmware itself? Hacking the (legacy) UI? Are you waiting for the new UI before implementing multi-chamber support? Or is it simply that mash-control (or something else) is the current focus and 2 chamber control won’t be implemented until after mash control?

I have some arduinos lying around, but getting them to work with the RJ12 one wire sensors and the actuator connectors (which are difficult to find in the US) would require a bit of retooling, I’d need to figure out how to connect it to the pi (wifi vs network cable vs usb), and I’d need to wire a new 5v circuit into the cabinet (which currently only has AC and 12DC). Given all of this and the fact that the code and documentation for the arduino brewpi is so out of date, I’d obviously prefer to find a way to get both chambers running under the spark 3 if at all possible.



Hi Elco,
I hope you are well.

I recently purchased a few more bits from you in order to prepare my second fermentation fridge. May I ask; is there a multi-chamber update coming soon and if not, are you able to supply a work-around of some sort? I’m held back by this.


Related to the Docker solution, have a few questions prior to diving in and not familiar with the container implementation.

  • From a hardware design, it is one RPi and one Photon, correct?

  • Will the temperature probes and relays be available to both containers allowing me to have container 1 associated with temp probe 1 and relay 1 to control chamber 1; and container 2 associated with temp probe 2 and relay 2 to control chamber 2?