Photon upgrade problem

So this is still with the old photon?
It seems like the only thing that you changed is an apt-get upgrade and a firmware upgrade.
Maybe the latter made the USB/serial connection work reliably?

No…I ran all those steps before…but the Photon got it’s knickers in a twist somehow…I managed to get it back to Particle default by connecting direct to my MAC although I don’t think how I did it was material.

I still think it’s a tad flaky…can’t get it out of hardware test mode even though all three sensors are connected and working…and the web interface seems to be communicating with it…I did have an issue with configuring the devices…some changes stayed sticky, others didn’t take at all…the response from the Spark was inconsistent.

Right now I’m in temperature monitoring mode and the beer is at 15 degrees…the lower end of what my yeast likes…but it’s fermenting away happily still…

I’ll plug the new Photon in when it arrives and see if anything changes.

Do I need to upgrade anything on the Photon or is it ready to go?

To get it out of test mode, you just need to apply beer or fridge constant mode.
If you want me to take a look, add me on Skype (elcojacobs).

The photon I shipped needs to be flashed with FlashDFU

Ah…OK…I’ll apply a constant mode…thanks…didn’t know that…

I’ll add you to Skype…once I’ve installed it…5 mins…OK?

Looks to be working fine so far…wonder what the problem was?..