Remote viewing of BrewPi data - Google Sheets?

I currently access my BrewPi graph page using a VPN to establish a secure connection to my home network. This was a pain to set up and means that any computer I use to access the BrewPi has to be running the same VPN software. I read an old thread on here about using Google Sheets to post BrewPi data. If a digital hydrometer is integrated with the BrewPi this is useful to monitor fermentation progress. however it does not have any control capability as far as I know.

Has anyone done this? What are BrewPi users using to securely access the BrewPi page for monitoring and control?


Elco has commented previously that the Docker version can be configured to allow access via 80 and 81 (81 being protected by a password). Remote viewing/control of Brewpi?

I have not tried this yet as I am still using the full install, not Docker on my Pi. I keep meaning to try to move to Docker, but have to wait until I have time (and no beer in the fermentor!)


I use Google Chrome Remote Desktop. That way I can connect to a PC at home, view the full BrewPi screen, control it or do whatever I want. You can get Google Remote Desktop apps for the iPhone and iPad as well, so you can connect from anywhere.

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