Setting up BrewBlox for password protected external access

Hey Mike,

I am quite a programming noob but am keen to getting secure remote access. Any chance you can give me some pointers?


I recently did this, with my changes documented here:

My setup draws heavily from:

It’s not mandatory, but you need some kind of DNS lookup for your home, either via a static IP or DynamicDNS service. I ended up buying a cheap domain and having cloudfare front it, just like in the guide.

Now my brewblox install is available with a proper certificate, and authenticated via my google account.

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@Bob_Steers, did you happen to make an install script for securing BrewBlow for external access? Thank you!

No, not yet. Our future plans look like the setup by @Adam_Clark (access control at proxy level), but this requires you to have a domain name pointing to your public IP, and set up your own settings for the OAuth provider.

I can have a look soon’ish to get a guide out, but it’ll be rather more complex than our generic install guide.