Switching 12V pumps and devices

Hi all,

I could not get much info from a search on switching the 12V Brewpi pump using Brewpi.

I have Ac running into my control panel via a power board (literally a 5 way power board in by panel). Should I add a 12V supply to this, put 12V across a DC relay, and switch it with the 5V from Brewpi? Is it this simple?

If anyone has any other ideas, or queries maybe add them here as a future resource?

One option you have is to switcht he power supply before the pump with an AC relay.

To switch DC, you could:

I used this circuit:

There’s a useful article on controlling Power, its for Arduino but it can easily be applied for use with the Brewpi. It covers use of relays and MOSFET.

I’m not an electrical engineer, but I can gather components and solder. If you have a pic of a completed circuit so I can see which of the 3 MOSFET pins are connected to what, I can solder this up. Otherwise I’m thinking about using a DC-DC SSR: https://www.amazon.com/uxcell%C2%AE-Soild-SSR-25-3-32VDC-5-200VDC/dp/B019132CY8/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1468328215&sr=8-1&keywords=DC+SSR

I think that would work fine.

Or alternatively, something like this:


This board has an optocoupler too, between spark and mosfet.

Can I use this same MOSFET and resistor combo to switch a 5V DC circuit, instead of the 12V circuit you have drawn? I don’t know a lot about MOSFETs so I thought I’d go with your tried and tested combo as a shortcut.