0.4.2. Fermentation Overshoot

Any suggestions for settings to avoid overshoot? Other than the overshoot, the algorithm works really well. My setup is a chest freezer with 6 gallons of water in a carboy with thermowell. I also have a 120mm PC fan running at all times. My heater is a 100w bulb in a paint can. Thanks in advance.

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Take a look at my thread rockstar fridge build, Elco helped me out and worked wonders.

Thanks @JoeJr for the reply. I’ve done the suggested updates to the settings based on your thread, but I’m still getting overshoot. The beer temp tracks really well once it has settled down, but it doesn’t handle ‘step inputs’ well at all. @Elco, any suggestions?

This is something I need to simulate and change the algorithm for I think. I would recommend to increase the integrator time constant (because you want it to be longer than the step response time).

I will see how I can change the code to decrease the integrator faster than it increases.

Thanks, @Elco. I appreciate the hard work on this project.