1-wire probe wiring help

Which wires are the GND, 5V, and DATA on the 1-wire proves from the brew pi store?


If memory serves, there’s a diagram on the back of the Spark. If not, I can look one up.

Found it. Thanks! You are the best

Sorry to resurrect a very old thread. I’m wiring up one of the old One wire sensors that came mounted in a thermowell with M16 connector and need to check the wire designations (bought in June 2016). On the back of the spark it says: 3 is 5v, 4 is ground and 5 is Onewire and the wires are ordered as in the photo shown above so red is 5v, black ground and green Onewire.

However on the fridge hack guide for wiring up a connector it is detailed as: ‘1: green, 5V 2: red, DATA 3. black, GNDThe colors don’t make sense, but this is how the temperature sensors are color coded from the factory.’

Can I check how I should be wiring up the M12 panel connector?

The cable with the M16 connector actually has white, black and red cables.