2 fermentation rooms

Hello all,

was wondering what to buy since i am new to the brewpi. I have 2 fermentation rooms and i need to control them both. So my question is what hardware do i need to get from the brewpi store to get started. I am using just a PID for now but am having problems with the compressor running too short intervals.


You’ll need a brewpi controller. And at least 1 ssr module (not yet released) for each chamber you’ll need 2 if you intend to heat. You’ll need more if you have fans and lights that you want brewpi to control.

Same here. My BrewPi has served me well but I really like to use it for 2 coolers.

Thank you for the info. Already have a RaspberryPI so i will place an order for the rest of the stuff once available. Will probably need 3 SSRs since i will heat/cool and control the fan. The PID control i am using will have to do for now.

Is there some new software released for the spark core? I am wondering since i have my Raspberry Pi setup but i have not installed the BrewPi yet so should i just go ahead and install the BrewPi?

Any idea when it will be available?
I am holding back getting the second cooler only because I have no way of control it with one BrewPi

No I’m not the one making them

Anyone able to answer my question about the software? I am really lost when it comes to the software part of my setup to be.

The software will be modified to support the BrewPi Spark.

I just finally hit a milestone to get the first screen up on a new GUI platform:

@mdma is working on code to make updating the BrewPi Spark possible from the web interface.

Still to do:

  • Creating a basic screen to display temperatures heater/cooler activity
  • Touch screen driver
  • Communication over WiFi instead of USB

It took a bit longer than I hoped, but especially this new GUI is going to be awesome.
When you receive your BrewPi Spark, we will have the documentation up on how to start using it.

Thank you for the info, this clears up several things i was wondering. I can’t wait to get the hardware :smiley:

I hope 2 fermenter rooms control will be available to BrewPi too because I bought it about 6 months ago and have no wish to update to new hardware.

Spark is absolute overkill for my simple needs because I use Speidels Braumeister and have no use for controlling the boil/mash etc

I am looking to use my BrewPi Spark to control two separate fermentation chambers. Any updates on when the RJ12 expansion boards will be added to the BrewPi store?

I wish there was a mailing list for “Multiple fridges” updates (and only for this feature!).
I got my second cooler (only for storage) running on STC-1000 and I keep the sensor inside a 0.5 beer bottle, filled with water.