2017 week 10 brew pi software progress

Last week brew pi progress:

In firmware repository last week:
No activity.

In UI repo repository week:
commits: 1
files changed: 7
lines inserted: 120
lines deleted: 21

This week only one commit was made in UI repository.
Now UI reports to the controller then valve icon in UI was clicked.


Love that this is moving forward and the community is providing updates.

Any intention on continuing these updates? Haven’t seen one for 5 weeks.

We’re figuring out our new stack and working on a new backend and front-end.
We’re working on an MVP as proof of our communication strategy between hardware, service and front-end.
The plan is still changing a lot while we’re trying to find the best technologies.

Our current plan uses the following technologies, but it might be different next week. That’s why there are no official updates yet, we’re still figuring things out.

Service layer:
Python with Flask, SQAlchemy, InfluxDB, REST API + HTML5 server sent events

Vue.js with Vuex and Vue-router, Quasar framework. Built on webpack.

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Good work guys so far. Keep going!
Seeing python-flask in your stack it was a pleasure surprise. Have you considered flask-socketio instead of a REST-API & SSE approach?

So - sorry to be such a noob, but can someone point me to the latest/greatest version of the software for my Raspberry Pi 3? I want to get it installed and running but I can’t seem to find the right file…

Sorry if this is an obvious question. Do you have a BrewPi Spark? The software needs it to control any heaters/coolers/thermometers etc you want to use.

Not yet. Currently unavailable. I’d like to at least get the software on my Pi and get it talking on the network. Do I need the Spark to get that done?

There is a “Software installation” that provides a good walkthrough under the “Documentation” menu on the main brewpi website. That said, it doesn’t seem to load at the moment…

When you get to it, that should walk you through setting up your raspberry pi. But you won’t be able to do a whole lot with the interface without the spark.

Ok. Any idea when that tab will be back up? I tried following the directions in the “Installation Guide” thread (Software Install Guide) but that didn’t work. Lots of posts about specific problems but no really definitive “how-to” with the new software and Spark. I understand I won’t be able to do much with it, but I would like to to see it installed and running while I’m waiting for the Spark 2 release.

The docs have moved to here: http://brewpi.readthedocs.io/en/latest/
I have just updated the CNAME record to point there too, so they’ll be available at docs.brewpi.com soon again.

The directions in the install guide thread should still be valid. The opening post is what you are after. But the script will not run when it cannot connect to a BrewPi Spark, so there is not much you can play around with.

Thanks Elco. Can’t wait for the Spark 2!