3 phase heating element

Please could you tell me when 3 phase 8500w heating element will be back in store???

Around december 15, we’ll have the 8500W straight elements again, together with new versions that have 3 round loops in various diameters. They’ll have an even lower watt density of 5W/cm2 and will be better for whirlpooling due to their round shape.

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Hi Elco,

I’m also interested by a 3-phase heating element, but the 5500w version. I have already sent email 2 weeks ago to know if they will be back soon in stock but I have not received an answer.

You were talking about new stocks and new round versions (that sounds awesome!) around 15 dec, what’s new?

Thank you.

I still do not have the 5500W elements in stock, but I did add a new range of round elements to the store today. They just arrived, there were some delays in shipping. I think they are superior to the straight 5500W element in many ways. Is there a particular reason you are looking for 5500W?

You can find the new round elements here: https://store.brewpi.com/mashing/stainless-steel-heating-elements?cat=37

Also interested in the 5500W version, it seems to be a good power level for 15gal/56l kettles which I´m planning to build with, 8500W is too powerful for a kettle of this size.
I would be happy with the straight one, but a round 5500W variant which would fit in 40cm kettles would be even better, the low power density is a real advantage. One disadvantage might be that a round element could interfere with the diptube in the boil kettle though.

I have ordered round elements for kettle diameter 35, 40 and 45 cm in 5500W. Because of the Chinese new year holiday, it will be March before they’re ready.

Great! It will probably take me longer than march to find an electrician anyway…

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@Elco: Any chance 40CM - 8500W will come back in stock any time soon? Cause without it my new 60L setup is going somewhat … cold :smiley:


On a sidenote BrewBlox looks like a really cool done-right project. Looking forward to test that on the new setup.

Update: Just learned that new items will arrive in a month. They have been ordered.

Best regards,

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