3-pin Connectors

Hi Elco,

Do you still sell the 3-pin connectors? They come up on the old store, but not the new one:

If not, can you or anybody tell me where I can get some, or even their technical name so I can search for them.


These are called M12 circular connectors. You could also use M16.

I would much rather find an RJ12 bulkhead connector, but I have had no luck so far.
Something to just mount an RJ12 socket into a wall, with a flylead to an RJ12 plug would be great. Or an RJ12 socket on both sides.

If anyone can help me finding one that doesn’t cost 25 euro, let me know.

Thanks Elco - is what you mean?


Cheap, but you need to buy 500 of them :confused:

Yes, something like that. But better would be one that only needs a round hole. Creating a nice square hole in your fridge wall can be hard. Also that page is a strange mix of RJ12 and RJ45.

Something like this: http://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/1-1546415-1/A34359-ND/1141834

I wouldn’t mind buying them in a larger quantity and reselling them.

These looks nice too:

I have asked the supplier about a 6P6C version.

Yeah a female/female mountable barrel would be aces.

On a side note, would something like this work for a 1-wire network of probes? i’m on the old RevA board and am looking at replacing a few things.


If they are all connected in parallel, which Y-splitter suggest, that would work.

That’s how they are connected on the board too.

great thanks mate. might pick one up.