3 way motorized valve - Spark v2 Multichamber modify FTSs

Where I live and the beers I like to make require me to be able to hold a temp of 55 - 75F and be able to cold crash. Ambient temp in my basement range from 55-68F. Using the SSBrewtech 14g Brewmaster edition fermenter/s and using Brewpi with Arduino Uno using v2.10 and setup BrewPi server for multi chamber. I have the cooling part nailed via using Glycol and will have the heating part nailed with Glycol and aquarium heater. The part I need to nail dow is finding the right 3 way valve and wiring it to a sanstar, or the like, relay. I know I can use 1 relay to power the pump and one side of the 3 way valve and vice versa. The question is truly where to source the 3 way valve w/o costing a bunch of $$.

So I would not use that approach… even better, I didn’t :wink:

I found it too much of a hassle to try to control the temperature of the glycol, then use that to control the temp of the beer. that just gives you an additional fluid to control…
so I have 2 of those 14 gallons, I know Elco has one as well, we used the heating pad… that way you can use brewpi to control the pump to between the glycol and the fermenter for cooling, and control the heating pad for heating… is that an option for you?

Good day Korneel,

I have 1 14g Chronical and looking to get 1 more, but get the brewmaster edition since the coils are on the side of the fermenter. I guess a heating pad could work but according to SS Brewtech, they don’t have a version of the heating pad for the brewmaster edition. If you are not using the SS Brewtech heating pad, what are you using?

I am using the brewmaster edition… actually… 2 of those :wink:

i agree with the coils on the side, they are awesome…

this is the heating pad you need
i have 2 of these sets, one for each of my BME…

I asked them if there is a way to get just the heating pads since I don’t “need” the control and pump since I already have the pump and plan to use BrewPi. Guess if they won’t allow just the pad purchase, having the full setup is a fall back if I have issues with BrewPi. Cost of the FTSs kit vs the motorized ball valves, tubing, nipples, pumps, cooler, heater and glycol are pri close in cost. This way, it’s KISS. Thanks for the poke Korneel to re-look at SS Brewtechs website, they keep adding more and more things. :smile:

I have a 14g BME Chronical on its way (and the parts to convert the STD Chronical i have into BME) along with the Spark v2. Do you have a documented way to setup? (RPI 3 as host for web interface, Spark v2 to control the 2 fermenters that are using a single pump and the SS Brewtech heating pad each). I’m not afraid to cut and solder wire.

P.S. @Elco
SS Brewtech wouldn’t give me much details as they are not wanting me to modify the “Turn-Key FTSs”. I’m thinking of a potential partnership between SS Brewtech and BrewPi needs to form and make this project and there products beat out Blichmann!


I know ELco is working on a more turn key solution but I think that might take some time… personally, I’ve not cut any wires and Í’ll wait for Elco to come out with a kit to make it more professional :wink:

what I would recommend, and I suppose ELco would go the same way, is this;

use a MOSFET based power switch (Elco can explain which one :wink: ) and I would recommend buying a couple of those power extension cords for the SS Brewtech connectors, forgot the name.
then use the SS Brewtech power supply, connect that one via the extension cord (that you would cut) to both of the mosfet power switches, and use the extension cords again to connect them to the mosfets.
the switch the mosfets with the BrewPi as being a heater and a cooler. that way you can just use the existing ss brewtech pump and heater pad, without actually having to cut anything up from the ss brewtech stuff… does that make sense?
ic an make a drawing if needed?

I did come across another thread about MOSFET and 12v control. In the meantime I think I can use these DC to DC SSR and use these sockets to convert to factory plug from SS Brewtech. I understand the MOSFET option would be a tighter pkg and looks like @Elco has been using/thinking about this since Apr. I understand production runs can take a while to lineup. My next step is to use the Spark v2 to control 2 fermenters with a single Spark and Pi3. Have you accomplished this yet?

I actually bought the sparkfun kit, MOSFET Power Control Kit it’s called. I’m going to hook that up tomorrow and test it…

multichamber isn;t in the product yet…

I was looking at those and saw the max amp rating was 3,5A on the traces. Also doing some more researching, seems anything over 1A on a MOSFET requires a heat sink. Wonder how big the heat sink would need to be for passive cooling when the heating pad is in use.

I think @Elco might be more suitable here

Adding a heatsink would not be a bad idea. Just search for a TO-220 heatsink.