4 pumps - no enaugh power on Spark 4?

Hello everyone. I have 4 x 24V brewing pumps with PWM and I use Spark 4.
I have a problem with controlling the power of the pump when the pumps go at once. When only 1 pump is connected, it runs flawlessly. It could be that I have no enaugh power on I/O module? Should I connect a 24 Volt adapter to the module?

How are you powering the Spark right now? USB only provides 5V.

Hello Bob. Only Spark was connected with usb cable. Do pumps need more than usb power (5V) to function properly?

That depends on the pump, but if it’s a 24V pump, then yes, it expects 24V.

I bought the pumps from you (24V brewing pump with PWM speed input and mounting bracket). They are powered via a 24V adapter (Meanwell HDR-60-24 (60W 24V 2.5A). Does Spark4 also need a 24V adapter instead of 5V USB?

I think Bob misunderstood. The spark is only generating the control signal, not powering the pumps.

The pumps are powered by the 24V power supplies. I assume you have multiple at least, because a 60W supply can only power one 35W pump.

The - of each power supply for a pump should be connected with the - of the (power supply that powers the) spark, so that 5V at the spark is the same as 5V at the pump.

Hello Elco. I have 4 pumps connected to 2 MeanWell HDR-100-24. (96Watt)
Spark 4 is connected with usb (5W). The control of pumps is not smoth.

Ok. Sounds good so far.
Can you draw a quick schematic of how the pump wires are connected?

Pump: red, black, blue. Red+black to Meanwell 100/24. Black+blue to spark 4. Like according your proposal.

I think the problem might be that when the output is off, both - and + of the spark output are disconnected.

Can you change the pin configuration on the io module to always GND for black and a + only pin for blue?


like this?

Yes, is that not how it was connected?

I had all the pumps connected like this. Elco, do you have any other ideas?

Elco, how can I change the pin configuration on the io module to always GND for black and a + only pin for blue?

Change the type to SSR + only. Then add an always GND channel.