4x24 LCD on Spark Code

I am building a DIY Shield to install my Brewpi (running on a photon) into my fridge. I am going the DIY route because my fridge has a great “hump” hanging down from the ceiling that I can leverage for the controller and to make it fully integrated. It is also positioned such that I could have the LCD visible behind the glass, and it would really be a slick setup.

I was wondering if there is an easy way to force the photon to use an LCD over SPI with a shift register? I want to do it similar to how the arduino version. I know the display class is encapsulated and changes based on the architecture. However, I’m not familiar enough with Linux make files and compile-time configs in order to sort it out. Is this pretty easy to do, or does it involve ripping and replacing a lot of the code? Also, if I could “port” the code, is Arduino code compatible with the Spark Photon?