500L Brewery Fermentation Control

Dear all,

We are now upgrading our small brewery and I have a small question. You can see our PID attached to this post. I want to control 3x 500L conicals using gylcol (each FV has ist own temperature sensor and solenoid valve). Furthermore I want to control the solenoid valve on the plate heat exchanger: I want to open it manually when I cool the hot wort on its way to the FVs and furthermore this solenoid valve has to be automatic controlled when I am not cooling the hot wort: open when the 3 FVs do not need to be cooled and closed as soon as one FV needs to be cooled. Is this automatization possible with BrewBlox?

Many thanks for your help!

Greeting from Zermatt,


Hi @MisterMiker,

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About controlling the 3 FVs, no problem! I guess you figured that out with 3 PIDS, PWM etc.
About opening the CFC valve when not cooling, I’m not sure you can do that atm. A Mutex could have helped but the problem here is that you have 3 valves against 1. So that would mean a group against a single valve and I don’t think it’s possible. My current fix for that, but it’s not efficient is a script that reads the state of the FV valves and take action (in my case, I enable/disable the pump instead of opening/closing the loop to prevent the glycol from warming up from unnecessary recirculation).
Maybe @Elco or @Bob_Steers could help with the automation problem?

About controlling it manually, you can use Steps so you switch configuration when cooling the wort and then reverting back as “automatic” state. It should do the trick.

Hope you manage to use BBlox for your use case!



Sounds like this could be solved with an OR + inverter logic block for digital actuators. That would not be so hard to add.