Access BrewBlox server via internet

Hi guys!

Just upgraded to Brewblox. Ran into two issues: installed buster and found out docker wasn’t ready for that yet. Fixed by reverting to previous raspbian release. Second issue was that brewblox didn’t find the spark. Edited the docker compose to use usb and added the spark’s serial. Now able to use the Wizard.

All good now, but I would like to have access outside of my own LAN like I could with brewpi. Any tips? Must be simple.



We don’t have any access control yet. So I would not forward it publicly.

If you can set up a VPN to your home network, that would be my recommended way.

Another possibility is to forward your SSH port, which does have access control.
You can then log in on the pi remotely and tunnel the extra port for the web interface.

ssh -L 4443:localhost:443 pi@

Then on same PC as your ssh client, point your browser to https://localhost:4443

To access the pi from outside of your home network, you would need to change to your external IP. I recommend using a non-standard port forwarded to the local ssh port.
Say your public IP is and you forwarded external port 14722 to port 22 on the pi, the command would be:

ssh -L 4443:localhost:443 -p 14722

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Thanks Elco! Will give it a try, I think my router (Netgear R7000) supports VPN.

That’s a decent router. We have that one at the office too. It does support VPN under advanced setup.

@r_vandenbroek i use its free and supports the remote VNC service you can install. I haven’t had any issues with it for a long time.

I need something to be able to view it on my iPhone or iPad while abroad. Will that support that?

Your router supports VPN and I think has a download link for an app. Covers all your home network needs while abroad, so I would try that first.

yes and also based on what elco said is another option as well. again just throwing out ideas that’s all.