Access Control?

I realize there are MANY higher priorities than this one, but I’ve got a user request, if you don’t already have it on the long honey-do list:

Add a login for changing temperatures or settings via the web page.

The reason is I have mine on the Internet so I can monitor it from remote (because its more fun than I could have imagined watching it,) but the truth is that it’s a bad idea since anyone could change all my settings if they stumbled across it. For now I just disable/enable via my router remotely, but it’d be really nice to have it so anyone could view, but only authorized users could edit.


Have you tried the configuration changes described at this thread?:

I followed those instructions and have both a public-access web page and an Admin-only (password protected) page for my BrewPi.


I like it! Thanks, Dan! It still would probably be a good thing to include some day in the official build, but it gives me a great way to handle it until then!

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I use this myself too. Great function that i think should be in the official relase

I would also like to see something like an public view-version of the page.

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I agree, I would love this to be added to the official build, so that it can be activated via the update process

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