Accessing BrewBlox site via tablet

I have my BrewPi and RaspberryPi both connecting to my home network via wifi. My office computer (which has a wired connection to my home network) has no trouble loading my RaspberryPi site running the BrewBlox program. However, my tablet (which connects to my home network via wifi) cannot find my RaspberryPi site.

Both my home computer and the tablet are connecting to the same cable modem/wifi device, and both are using the Chrome Browser.

Any suggestions on what to set on my tablet to get the tablet browser to recognize the brewery control website?


Some things you could try:

  1. If you are using the hostname, try to connect to the Pi using the IP address instead (to rule out DNS issues).
  2. Double check that the tablet is connected to the same wifi network and is not running any VPN software (this includes cloudflare’s app).
  3. Check the settings of wifi router that AP isolation (sometimes called client isolation) is disabled. This feature prevents wifi clients from accessing anything other than the default gateway.
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I ran “Hostname - I” on the RaspberryPi to get the IP address, and used that in the browser on my tablet. That worked. So apparently it couldn’t resolve the hostname via DNS.

Thanks for the suggestion!