Actuator Top 1 and 2 don't work Spark 3

I am having trouble with two actuators on my Spark 3

I measured the voltage over the two output pins:
Top 1 switched off 2.54 Volt, switched on 2.64 Volt
Top 2 switched off 0 volt, switched on 0 Volt

I tried the other actuators bottom 1 and 2 and top 3 and they work fine. Configuration is exactly the same for the two actuators that don’t work.

The top 1 and top 2 actuators have a different hardware implementation so they can also be used as inputs. When they are configured as outputs by assigning a digital actuator block to them, they are configured as output and will toggle between 0 and 5V. When powered from USB it will be 4,5V.

I tested the latest version here and Top 1 and Top 2 work fine on my Spark 3.

What do you have connected to the output and how did you connect it? Did you run both the - and + from the green terminal? Between which pins are you measuring the voltage?

I am trying to control two DC SSR’s with the two outputs. If I connect the wires that are connected to the SSR to another output it works just fine. Looks not like a wiring issue to me.

I created a digital actuator pin and assigned it in the SparkPins ‘widget’ to an output. If I reassign an actuator that didnt work on top1 and top2 to another output it works fine.

Just now I measured again, this time directly on the pins in the connector on top off the spark. I made sure I didn’t short the pins :slight_smile: . I measured the same values.
Top1 is around 2.5 Volts without anything assigned. With an assigined actuator switched on it goes to 2.6 Volts
Top2 is 0 volts in all cases

My question about the wiring was also because I have damaged a Spark 3 myself by sharing a ground wire for multiple actuators. Using ground from another point than the same green connector could cause a temporary voltage difference that can damage the output driver in freak events.

Did these 2 outputs work in the past?

I never connected the wiring with a shared ground.
Actually I never used these outputs before. In the past I only used bottem 1&2 for two SSRs for my heaters. Now I added two SSRs for the pumps.

It is possible that it is a manufacturing error. You’re in the Netherlands, so you could ship it back so I can repair or replace it quickly.

Oké I’ll send the spark to you. This address? : BrewPi
Torenallee 32-06
5617BD Eindhoven

Use 32-42 please. That’s our main address.

Oke I’ll send the spark today.

That address I got from so you might want to change that to the correct address.

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It seemed to be a hardware issue. I replaced the two output drivers on the board and will ship it back tomorrow.