Actuator valve view in brewery builder

I have a request for the actuator valve icon in the brewery builder. I would like to see the actual valve status instead of the command for the valve. I would like to have this because sometimes a valve can malfunction and does not go to the desired state. In the brewery builder this would go unnoticed.
A while ago I pumped 20% of a batch in the drain because a valve malfunctioned… :slight_smile:

You would have to have a sensor monitoring valve position I think, not just an icon in the builder.

Edit: i see now that elco’s pumps support that feature.

The controller reports both state (readonly) and desiredState (read/write) for valves. The brewery builder part displays state.

The widget displays a spinner in the on/off button if state doesn’t match desiredState. We can add some equivalent indicator to the valve part. Would that be the solution you’re looking for?

Yep that would be great. I just would like to see some indication that the state and de desiredstate differ.

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You could use color: amber while in transit, green when in position.

There are some considerations. Liquid colors are configurable, so we have to assume that colors may match the liquid color. It’s less likely to happen for green, but the chances of somebody using amber are pretty good.

state / desiredState mismatches don’t always mean the valve is in transit. Constraints are a common reason for desiredState not being applied.