Adding RS485 devices

I want to add some RS485 driven valves. I know the connectivity already exist for RS485 but what do I need from the valves to get them to appear as available in the application. Sorry if this info is avail elsewhere I’ve not found it

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It needs software support in the firmware. RS-485 is not implement in the code yet.

It will also need specific code to target your specific valves. It cannot auto discover them and magically know how to talk to them. RS-485 is a very low level protocol, modbus is the most common protocol on top of that. But on top of modbus we will also need device specific protocols.

I think I read a while back that you’re planning on using modbus in the future instead of oneWire. Any plans for hart protocol implementation, or would:
hart -> modbus -> spark at least be possible?
It’d be awesome to have access to all the outputs and control functionality of my hart devices from just the two wires.