Adjust opening of valve

Is it supported in Brewblox to adjust the opening of the motorized valve, not just fully open/closed?

Not with any kind of accuracy. The valves used by our software only provide feedback for Open and Closed states.
“closing the valve” is implemented as “activate motor until sensor detects closed state”.

For flow regulation, you can use a variable pump setting.

Okey, not that big of a deal. One of my pumps (resirculation hlt) is a td5 without pwm (I had that pump from before). I read a post from a while ago from Elco, that’s why I wondered. If this pump is to fast, I will change it with a pwm pump.


Hello Bob,
Using Brewblox to control mashing temperature is performed by controlling recirculation flow through the HERMS coil and/or controlling the temperature in the HLT where the coil is installed, right? However, to obtain a reasonable yield, manual stirring in the mash tun is required, making it difficult for Brewblox to control the mashing temperature?
BR Ken

Why would this make it difficult? If anything, measured temperature in MT is more accurate because it’s being mixed better.

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I just imagine that mixing the mash would fluctuate the temperature due to gradients which affect the temperature stability. Would you recommend to measure the temperature feedback inside or at the mash tun outlet?

Either measure at the outlet, or use a combined temp sensor for outlet + middle of the kettle.

You can increase the setpoint filter period to dampen fluctuations caused by stirring, but I’d run a test first to verify whether stirring even causes meaningful fluctuations at outlet.

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