Adruino or Photon

A question…

I’m currently running a quite nice working version of the BrewPi with an Arduino, some relays and a RasbPi + Wifi Adapter. It seems to be working like a charm. The newer BrewPi version seems to be running on a photon.

Got some photon’s to play with, so should I upgrade to the photon? What are the advantages? And how should I start the upgrade?

Well all depends on what you want to do with your BrewPi setup. The older version you have running with the Arduino will eventually go EOL (end of life) and not get any further updates. If you just want to use your BrewPi as a single chamber controller your old hardware will work fine, however if you want the newer features like Mashing and multichamber support you would need to upgrade to a Spark or Photon based system.

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