Advanced Settings For Use With Morebeer Conical

OK so… I ferment with this:

It came with the Ranco controller, which I cannibalized when I received my Spark 3.0 to get it up and running.

So my question is, what are the optimized Advance Settings that I can use that would result in the same performance of the Ranco with this unit? I’ve had some crazy heating and cooling cycle lengths (short/long) with this first brew and I really want the advanced settings optimized for the next one.



I have no idea how that conical responds to heating and cooling, so without more info, I cannot offer any advice.

  • What is heater power?
  • What is the cooler power?
  • How does your chart look now?
  • Where have you placed your sensors?

If you can think of more info that would be helpful, please include it. The list above is not meant to be a complete list.