Advice on phased migration to electric

I have been homebrewing for 10+ years and fermenting with brewpi/brewblox since spark 2 days.
My current setup uses two plastic igloo style containers for HLT and Mash and then a SS for boil and a pump that I use during cooling to circulate around my immersion chiller. I am currently and have always been brewing with gas.


  1. Slowly migrate to electric, focusing on the mash first.
  2. Reduce overall brewing time (The idea of setting up the night before, waking up and setting mash temp is appealing. Then I can dump the grain in and get everything setup during the 1 hour mash).
  3. Start at 110v with a migration path to 220v.


Upgrade Igloo Coolers
My initial idea was to keep all of my equipment (the igloo coolers) and just add a 110v element (that later can be upgraded to 220v) to each one. I would put the water in the night before, then I could turn it on with brewblox in the morning and let it get to mash temp and then turn it off. My cooler looses virtual no heat over my mash timeframe and I never do step mashes.

Has anyone done this? I found one video on the internet but not a lot of people talking about this. Would it be somehow less safe in a plastic container (from a shock perspective?). Also, would the cooler potentially melt?

If that isn’t feasible I will have to go down the route of getting two more SS containers, a herms coil, and another pump. Can you do herms on 110v or do you loose too much heat through the SS container? Are there elements that you can buy that work on 110v (at half power), that you can later upgrade to 220v?