Advice to microbrewery wanted to level up their fermentation control

Hi Guys!

So I wanted to implement BrewPi 3 on our nano brewery, we’re located in Uruguay so I should get my shopping list straight as importing anything is a painful process.

This is our current setup

I would like to be able to control the temperature of my 2 fermenters as well as my cold glycol bank (basically a tank with glycol and a freezer engine). I don’t need heat where I am.

Will I be ok with the BREWPI SPARK 3 + 3 temperature sensors + 3 solid state relays? For my calculations that’s all I need, but I may be wrong and is here where I look for your suggestions.

I’ve never used such tools, but I’m a system analyst and not afraid to learn a thing or two, just want to make sure that’s all I need for my setup to get the list right from the scratch.

I’ve been looking the forums for this information, but none is actually the exact scenario we are in.

Thanks in advance!

Yes that’s the major parts.