Am I ready to brew?

Hi everybody,

I have just finished my BrewPi based on Arduino and I have tested the PID with 20l of water.
I would like to have your opinion on the chart I obtained in order to know if I should improve my PID settings or if it is OK.

Here my fridge:

And here the chart, I was in Beer const 18°C :

The fridge has some difficulties to follow the setting but the beer (here water) is 18°C +/- 0.15°C

It looks fine, but could it be better ?

Thanks for your feedback.

The fridge will not cool if the beer is already to warm on Arduino. I removed this later on the Spark because it was not needed due to other improvements in the algorithm and it skewed the algorithm fairness. But that’s probably the explanation.

Beer setting is spot on, so don’t worry about it.