And if i don t want to use a fridge

mi idea to chill the fermentation tank was to use a spiral where i want to pass some frozen liquid inside it like on this post:

I was wondering if BrewPi could be used for such a thing. I am not an automation programmer (however i know a bit about programming)
I suppose i would have to control valves and an electric switch to start the pump(s)

BrewPi sensors do not care, what you measure. If you can measure the cooling/heating effect and control it by turning something on and off, you are fine.

Frozen liquid? Isn’t that an oxymoron? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Looks cool though!

That thread you linked to is a really good example of a high end homebrewer using glycol and direct heat to control fermentation. Elco, I would strongly reccomend you have a read as it discusses the hardware process and associated programming (using BCS) in a little detail.

It is exactly how I want my fermentation controled, except I will have only two fermentation vessels to begin with.


We are in the same case Dean… i will just have to more vessels for the maturation part so that i can reuse my fermentation vessels earlier.
The problem is that i am in Argentina and the hardware stuff is not easy to find at good prices… to give you a small example, the beer faussets are sold at something like 100u$ each without the foam regulator…
In the present case Brewpi is interesting because it would not only regulate the fermentation vessels but also give me a logging of the complete temperature which would be usefull to track my beer stability.