Another tilt hydrometer

Not sure if you’ve seen the resent post on hackaday for new tilt hydrometer called iSpindle.

The parts list seems to come in a fair bit cheaper the other options. Has anyone had experience with it?

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I actually just ordered a few parts for this so I could try it out. They’re coming from China so I can get back to you in May.

Can’t wait to hear your results!

Yeah I’m interested in this too. It’s around €49 which seems a lot for the parts included but in the UK I struggle to get cheap 3D printing!

If your looking for assistance with printed parts etc and if a suitable group is near you try these groups:

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Got one of the kits; just need some time to build it and see what can be done.

Have my kit on order also.

The kit arrived mid week. Now to find the time to assemble.

Has anyone built this yet? Keen to hear experiences…

I’ve just started ordering bits but they’re on the slow boat from China so it’ll be a few weeks before they arrive. The tube is tricky to find in my part of the world, but I’m hoping to find something suitable.

Have built it. And it charges ok but i’m getting no signs of life from the Wemos. About to order a replacement to test

If it floats near innside of the fermentation bucket, will it not read wrong values? Or if the concentration of hop is tight around the tube?
Also is the density really the same in the top layer of the worth the same as the bottom?

But, hey, I will put one together and test it!

I’ve completed the build loaded it up and started it running, then stuffed it into the fridge. Its been running that way connected to the wifi on the other side of the house. Its reporting Temp, Battery voltage and it Tilt angle every 90 secs. Check it out here on the default logging site:

UPDATE: A new firmware release for the ispindle now allows it to output Plato or SG figures directly.
It can also connect to FHEM home servers to provide its data. The FHEM connection method is uses a http GET request to a web server to get the data onto the server. Which then can read the data data directly from the web server log files.
I have the data logging ok to the RPI and can read the data in the web access.log file.

I know a lot of those in this thread are in the other one as well - but if anyone is interested, I have the data from the iSpindel feeding into a legacy branch BrewPi setup Files are at