Any interest in fridge stickers?

Hey Guys,

Would you be interested in stickers to put on your fridge door?

Options would be:
Just the logo:

Or the logo with text underneath:

Or with text like “BrewPi Inside”, “This fridge is controlled by BrewPi”, “This fridge contains fermenting beer”. Please share your ideas, or even better, designs!

Or even something with Tux:

We designed this shirt, but decided not to use it. Might work better as a fridge sticker?

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I’d put one on my Keezer. I like the logo with text.

I like the logo with the text as well. I really like the T-Shirt design too!

Yes, definitely. Really like the designs!

Heck ya! I would put it on my beer fridge…

they look pretty cool, i’d be down for one of those, depending on the cost of shipping.

I like the simple brewpi sticker without the text underneath

I like the shirt, It provides a picture on what brewPi is built on…

I love the stickers. It would be great if they are vinyl cutouts.

Logo with text please Elco

Great that there is a lot of interest for this!

I could do 2 things: a small vinyl (6x9cm) included with orders, or a large vinyl (30x30cm or something?) that you can buy from the store.

How big would you like it to be?

Here is another idea:

And here is an Illustrator file. Feel free to play around and propose a design!
If I decide to go with your design, you’ll get a free large vinyl of it of course.

Non-square cutting is possible. You can use a 1 pt magenta line to define a cutline in the ai file.


That’s pretty good. Try a black background with white lettering. That is another option too.

Would love to see vinyl stickers! Good for the fridge and snow/skateboard.

Love my brewpi t-shirt as well.

Liking all these. The “Inside” is a nice addition. I wouldn’t change anything about the design.

Okay, here is another proposal. Size 60x64mm, just a badge for in the corner of the door.


O heck ya. Send my some now hahaha!

Rather than stickers, would it be feasible to have the design printed on magnets, so that it could be moved in the event of needing to modify your setup/move to a new one?

I think that would probably be too expensive to give away for free, but I will get a quote for that too.

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Just let me know the price and ill get a few.


I like the magnet as well. As a side note if you lookup flexible magnetic sheeting, it is easily obtainable and inexpensive. You can apply the sticker to it, cut it out and voila, a magnetic logo. This is often obtainable at craft stores as well. I have done this with similar items.

I like all of the logos! Beautifully done.

In anticipation of my fridge hack I would be dead keen for a sticker and would be prepared to pa for a nice big one to cover the door. Maybe a transparent background as they will be used on white fridges?