Any way to calibrate sensors with BrewPi Spark 3?

It looks like I got some bad luck with the sensors that I bought with my Spark 3: two of them read +0.4 degrees from my reference thermometer, the other one as much as -0.8 degrees. That’s quite a difference.

My intention is to have a beer sensor, a chamber sensor, and then the third sensor will go into the second beer so that I can understand the difference between the two vessels in the same chamber and take steps to rectify any large deviations.

I’ve been searching through every thread I can find on probe calibration and as best I can tell, it isn’t possible anymore. Is that still the case?

And if that is the case, which is the best function to assign to the oddball sensor?

There is a possibility to program an offset per probe. I’m sure someone who can actually code can tell you how! :slight_smile:

I tried to do it on the latest version and couldn’t. Seems like that feature is broken and you should stop looking for the answer. This is a bug and I should fix it. You’re not doing it wrong.

OK. Good to have a definitive answer, thanks! I’ll keep an eye open for any future fix, but I’ve got a workable system for now. I’ll just have to explain to anyone I show the graphs to what the discrepancy means.