Anyway to mount BrewPi?

Im looking to build a panel to house all the components on my chamber. Id like the counterpoint to be the BrewPi screen in the center of the door, but I’m unsure of a decent way to mount it. Anyone do this yet?

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I made designed a custom seal which can be 3D printed in TPU.

With this seal, the display side of the enclosure can be mounted outside the panel and the connector side on the inside of the panel. The panel is sandwiched between front and back of the enclosure.

If you have a 3D printer, I can share the files.
Otherwise, I can print the seal for you.

I myself do not have a 3D printer, but I do know someone at work that does. Do you have a picture from the side? How far does it stick out from the front of the enclosure?

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On your spark, you’ll see a seam. That line + 2-3 mm.
I’ll make a photo tomorrow in daylight.

I looked at my spark, and the only seam is on the bottom of the unit. Thats where the cover and the bottom/back meet.

Elco, is my Spark not going to work for your 3d printed thing? Its an older model i think.

If you have a Spark v2, with the vacuum formed case, you could leave case off and use the threaded spaces to mount it to a panel, display sticking through a hole. The display PCB might be in the way for one of the spacers, but you can file off a bit of the red PCB to clear the overlap.

You’ll probably want some kind of frame around the display to hide the jagged hole you have to make in the panel.