Arduino BrewPi stopped communicating with OneWire Sensors

I have used brewpi successfully for a number of brew and gone to use it today to see it is not working.

The first error I noted was that it was not showing a temperature, I went into maintenance, device configuration and requested to read the values but were null. I deleted a device and tried to re-add it but couldn’t see it. I had three sensors (Fridge, Beer and Room) and none were working. The SSRs were still showing and I have been able to remove and re-add them.

I unplugged it and checked all connections then re-flashed the arduino and pi.

There is continuity between the 5v on the sensor and the 5v on the arduino and the same with the GND and A4 pins.

The output between 5v and GND is 4.83v.

Before the sensors looked like this

Now they look like this

I am a bit stuck for what to do, everything should be working fine and has done in the past but now doesn’t seem to be. I was debating replacing the arduino but I don’t have a spare and it seems to be outputting the right voltage. I did try to move the onewire data to A5 to see if that worked but that didn’t make a difference either.

I’m 100% certain this is a hardware issue.
Probably one of your sensors is faulty and causes the entire bus to go offline.

If you got the crappy kind of sensors that are ‘waterproofed’ with a bit of shrink wrap over the cable and probe, it is likely that water got inside. Try your sensors one by one.

I bought all three sensors from brewpi so doubt they are faulty - the only one that goes in the beer is mounted to the side of the fermentor as a screw in one.

I have verified that at least one sensor works on the raspberry pi. Will replace the arduino and see if that fixes it

Okay, in that case, check your wiring and definitely try them one by one.