Arduino device configuration error

Hi all,
I have finally managed to put together a Brewpi shield for my arduino which I had already flashed using Brewpi previously. My project box is all wrapped up but I don’t seem to be able to configure my temperature devices anymore and I am getting a JSON error when I try to refresh the device list from the web server. USB lead should be good so I am stumped. The error I am getting is: "Error while receiving device configuration: SyntaxError: JSON Parse error: Unexpected identifier “Couldn”.

Any help massively appreciated - it would be nice to use the product of my sweat and tears at least once before moving across to the spark!

Do you see anything on the LCD screen in the web interface? It sounds like the web interface just cannot connect to the script. Are the other bits of the web interface working?

I get the exact same error and I am a stuck with a setup that doesn’t seem to work. The error is there regardless of the Brewpi Spark is connected or not. Did you solve it ?