Arduino esp32 sketches

I read that there were a few hex files floating around and things for the particle photon. Would it be possible to get a non hex file so I can make an esp32 version?

All hex files that are floating around are for the discontinued BrewPi Arduino version. We discontinued the Arduino version in 2015.
Some alternative forks based on that were created, but we can’t offer support for those.

The source for the BrewPi firmware is under the BrewPi GitHub org. The latest Arduino version is in the history of that. Brewpiless is an esp32 fork.

Our new software is in the BrewBlox GitHub org, but it depends heavily on the particle framework and expects some external ICs on board that the Spark 3 has.
Porting it to another platform will be a lot of work.

What are your reasons for wanting to create an esp32 alternative?