Are beverage coolers (usually) harder to hack than fridges?

I’d prefer to use a beverage cooler as fermentation chamber and have the compressor controlled directly. However, I’m no hardware guy, this is my first build and I’d like to avoid too much frustration/headache.

What are your experiences with beverage coolers? Are they (usually) harder to hack than fridges? Is there something specific I should be looking/asking for when choosing a beverage cooler? Maybe some visual characteristics which indicate lots of electronic, …?

Thanks for your ideas!


I have a GDM 12 and it was a piece of cake since the compressor power was a plug. Would like to be able to make the fan run only for a few minutes after the compressor stops since it generates heat in the fridge, but that does mean no external heater is necessary

Thanks, Bryan. The decision was finally made not by myself but a friendly pub owner from the neighborhood who contributed a fridge in exchange for couple of bottles of my first upcoming brew (still TODO) :slight_smile: