Assigning multiple probes to beer?

I’m new to brewpi spark… just received one and testing it out on my desk.

Is there a trick to getting more than one temperature probe assigned to beer?

I’ve got a chest freezer that has three 7 gallon ss technologies brewbuckets with thermo-wells and want to track temperature in at least two of the thermowells, preferably three, but only use one temperature probe to tell the controller when to turn on and off the freezer… no heater as I don’t see the necessity since with my brewbit that I currently use comes on and off at about every fifteen to twenty minutes set at a hysteresis of .1 and the temperature stays just fine.

Currently its seems I can assign one to room, one to interior temp of freezer, and one to beer… I’d like to set three to beer in the same chamber and one to chamber temperature… I’m only concerned about the beer temp; nothing else.

This is not possible with the current version.
You have 3 temperatures: beer, fridge and room.

  • Room is just logging and ignored for control
  • Fridge is the temperature that is the input of the heater and cooler PID,
  • Beer temperature is used to set the fridge setpoint when running in beer constant or beer profile mode.

I fully understand what you want to do, but it does not fit in the current architecture. This is the reason we are refactoring the firmware and rewriting the data logging and web layer from scratch.

On a similar line, is it possible to switch out the temp sensor on a beer part-way through atm? I’m planning a beer that I’ll have to rack off the trub part way through and would rather just go strait into a second bucket with a thermocouple in the side the rack to a bucket, clean my main, and back again.

Bummer… guess I’ll continue to use the brewbits offline.

I guess I can use it for logging only… use brewbit in one thermowell to temp control, use probes (beer and room) in the other two thermowells for beer temperature logging, and one just in the fridge for fridge temp monitoring.

Yes, it is possible to re-assign sensors at any time.

@Jerz_Dude: you could use the BrewPi for control too, but in your situation only in fridge constant mode. You would also have to tweak the PID settings to work with the situation that the fridge probe is actually in a beer.