Assigning two temperature sensors to one function (Chamber/room) fails

I just got my spark photon and installed the most recent scripts to my raspberry pi (28.03.2016).

  • I connected successfully four temperature sensors and checked the temperature and addresses.

The web interface shows the devices and I can also get the plot/logging for beer/room/chamber temperatures (for three devices)

  • as soon as I change any sensor to the same function (for example: chamber temp) the other sensor with this functions shows as value "null"
    Here an example where the function of device 2 was changed from “room temp” to “chamber temp”. (it was automaticcaly reset to “room temp” but device 1 now only shows a value of “null”

  • i cannot uninstall any device and “apply” new settings is ignored.

Only solution is restarting the spark photon.

Is it possible to assign two sensors with the same function?

Thanks for the bug report. It should not be possible and there is probably an error printed in the log file.
It should just not install the new sensor until you have uninstalled the old one.

I think the new gui is becoming more urgent every day as more people want mash and ferment with just 1 brewpi.