Automated HERMS priming

I have been building an automated HERMS setup in accordance with But am finding that some of the lines are not priming (to coil). Looking for a way to prime without taking hose off and lowering it - have you any suggestions? I am thinking to add a few low point drain valves.

An air bleed valve will probably work better and is easier. Just put a valve pointing up in front of the pump so you can let the air escape until you only have water in the line feeding the pump, then turn the pump on.

I found out that the low point draining valve works great to drain the pump.

here’s my example with manually operated valves:


So a vent inline with the pump discharge? Where strainer is?

I would put a cross in place of your top tee and put a valve there.

I have a wider cross with a window in my setup as a buffer before the pump (a grant). On the top I have a bleed/sample valve.


Whoa, that’s pretty. Where do you get those motorized butterfly valves from?

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